Revel in Reardon’s burden

THE Pomegranate Theatre hosts the world premiere of Ed Reardon: A Writer’s Burden tonight – a light-hearted hour of reminiscence from the team behind Radio 4’s hugely popular show Ed Reardon’s Week.

Also appearing at the Chesterfield venue tomorrow afternoon and evening, the nation’s favourite failed author looks back on a life of disappointment, divorce and Chilean Merlot.

Consummate fare-dodger and master of the abusive email, Ed Reardon lives in a one-bedroom flat with his cat, raging against a modern world seemingly run by 12-year-old imbeciles.

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Inside a cloud of smouldering pipe smoke and resentment, Ed is forced to churn out books like Jane Seymour’s Household Hints and The Ladybird Book of Shoes while trying to live off the royalties from his 1982 episode of Tenko.

Christopher Douglas performs and co-writes the award-winning Ed Reardon’s Week and is also the voice and co-creator of the world’s most disappointing cricketer Dave Podmore, a Radio 4 regular since 2001.

Christopher also writes and directs the improbably long-running career of uber-thesp Nicholas Craig (played by Nigel Planer) on BBC2, BBC4 and Radio 4.

Tomorrow’s visit to The Greystones by music writer John Harris has been cancelled due to family illness.

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