The Full Monty Sheffield: All the locations where filming has been seen taking place for Disney+ TV series

It’s like being back in the 90s in Sheffield, with the stars of The Full Monty on their old stomping ground shooting scenes for the new Disney+ TV revival.

By Robert Cumber
Tuesday, 7th June 2022, 1:05 pm

Filming is well underway for the new eight-part series, which is reportedly due for release in early 2023 and will catch up with the much-loved characters 25 years on from where we left them during the big reveal at the end of the surprise smash-hit 1997 movie.

Filming began in Manchester and there were initially fears Sheffield would be overshadowed by its neighbouring city in the eagerly awaited reboot, but those have been allayed with shooting recently taking place in a number of locations around Sheffield.

All the main actors have been reunited for the TV reboot, including Robert Carlyle, who plays Gaz, and Mark Addy, who is reprising his role as Dave, and they are joined by new actors including former Coronation Street stars Bruce Jones and Tupele Dorgu.

Ex Coronation Street actress Tupele Dorgu during filming for The Full Monty Disney+ TV series in Gleadless Valley, Sheffield (pic: Matthew Lofthouse / SWNS)

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The film’s writer Simon Beaufoy and producer Uberto Pasolini have also been brought back together for the new series, in which, according to its makers, the steelworkers-turned-strippers will attempt to ‘navigate the post-industrial city of Sheffield and society’s crumbling healthcare, education and employment sectors’.

The show will reportedly take 20 weeks to film under the watch of Little Island Production.

These are the locations where filming has been seen taking place in and around Sheffield so far, and where the crew are based in the city.

Robert Carlyle pictured at Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield during a break in filming for The Full Monty Disney+ TV series (pic: Danny Burkhill)

Gleadless Valley

Gleadless Valley is where filming in Sheffield is understood to have begun during mid-May, and the neighbourhood is believed to be home to Gaz’s tearaway daughter.

On May 16, production crews took over Gleadless Valley Parish Church for a nighttime shoot, and the following day, they draped a blackout curtain over a resident's home for interior shots.

On Thursday that week, in one scene a young actress was seen walking down the hill to Spotswood Place, smashing a van's windscreen with a skateboard and then swearing at the driver before walking away.

Actor Steve Huison, who plays Lomper, in Sheffield city centre during filming for The Full Monty Disney+ TV series (pic: Andrew Nurse)


One shopper told how filming initially took place near the old Vision Express store that day before the cast and crew moved to a second spot near JD Sports.

He said shoppers were instructed to carry on as normal while the cameras rolled, meaning there is a chance they could feature in the background of scenes in the TV series.

Filming at Meadowhall in Sheffield for The Full Monty Disney+ TV series (pic: Danny Burkhill)

Sheffield city centre

On Thursday, June 2, spectators were held behind barriers in Sheffield city centre as filming for The Full Monty took place on Surrey Street, near the back of the town hall and the Mercure Sheffield St Paul’s hotel.

Andrew Nurse described watching a scene which involved a moped being driven across the junction. He even got a fist bump from Steve Huison, who plays Lomper.

Former Norton Aerodrome site

Norton Aerodrome in Sheffield – a former RAF base, which until a few years ago was home to a driver training school for young learners – is being used as the operational base during filming for The Full Monty TV series.

Aerial photos taken by drone hobbyist Andrew Halford showed how the old military base had been occupied with at least 17 trailers, studio caravans and other vehicles.

The Full Monty TV series crew set up in Gleadless Valley, Sheffield (pic: Dean Atkins)

Brinsworth, Rotherham

Photos have been shared online of filming taking place at The Winning Post bookmakers on Brinsworth Lane, in Brinsworth, Rotherham, on May 29, with Robert Carlyle spotted on set wearing a red top and denim jacket.

A young actress marches down the hill to Spotswood Place in Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, during filming for The Full Monty TV series
Filming for The Full Monty TV series in Sheffield's Gleadless Valley
Crews for The Full Monty Disney+ TV series black out the skylights on Gleadless Valley Parish Church in Sheffield ahead of filming in May
Sheffield's Norton Aerodrome has been given over to Little Island Productions as an operational base for the filming of The Full Monty Disney+ TV series (pic: Andrew Halford)