Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2022: When is it, where is it taking place and what is happening

A doctor takes to her bike to escape the pressures of the pandemic in one of the highlights of this year’s Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

By Yzabelle Bostyn
Friday, 11th March 2022, 7:39 am

The festival will be taking place from March 18-20, showcasing adventure sports from climbing to paragliding.

The sell-out preview event was held at Sheffield Cathedral this week, with film tasters and live music.

The festival will take place at the Showroom Cinema in the city centre and will be followed by talks, workshops, art exhibits and events held all over the city and the Peak District.

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Days Off, one of the films screening at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2022 (pic: Richard Baybutt/Cotic)

It is part of the Sheffield Festival of the Outdoors and the Outdoor City Weekender, which celebrates Sheffield’s status as the UK’s greenest city.

Filmmaker Liam Higgins said: “It’s important to showcase who’s making films in Sheffield.

“There’s an abundance of talent here and it’s great to showcase that and the Peaks, as a beautiful part of the world on the big screen.”

However, the festival includes films from around the world, including Africa, Costa Rica and Canada.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2022 runs from March 18-20

Anna Paxton, co-director of the festival, said: “It’s a way of connecting adventurers around the world to films and connecting outdoorsy people in Sheffield itself.”

The awards were announced on March 8, but viewers can vote to see if they agree with the judges.

The overall winner was Learning to Drown, which follows a professional snowboarder’s battle with grief.

Anna said: “We pick films that are exciting, surprising, uplifting. Not just adrenaline, some more sensitive and thoughtful stories”

Sam & Me by Anthony Bonello is among the films being screened at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2022

Other winners included Days Off, a short film following a doctor who uses cycling to escape the pressures of the pandemic.

The director, Liam Higgins, said: “There’s a preconception that adventure films are only made for people who enjoy adventure sports, but the stories could apply to anyone in the world.

“You can relate to it regardless of who are and what you’re into.”

The films will be shown on their own or in themed screenings where viewers can see various adventure films such as Adrenaline Films, Spirit of Adventure Films or Made in Sheffield


To see the full programme including the exhibits and events, visit: