Doncaster residents invited to get ready for ski and snowboarding season

Doncaster residents are invited to attend a free event this month, at the Nuffield Health Doncaster Fitness & Wellbeing Gym on Sidings Court, to help get prepared for the winter ski and snowboarding season.

The Ski Fit themed ‘Meet Our Experts’ event takes place on November 16 and is open to both non gym members and members. A whole host of Nuffield Health experts will be on hand providing tips on ski fit training plans, injury prevention and nutrition. On the day there will also be the option to join an express core strength exercise class.

In the lead up to the day, Chris Foster, Professional Head of Fitness at Nuffield Health provides some top tips on how to get ready for the slopes.

Skiing and snowboarding are really physical sports so you need to ideally start training at least six weeks before you go and include exercises such as squats, lunges and box jumps into your routine. These exercises are great for developing leg strength. You can also add in Pilates to develop core strength

When you arrive in the resort and it’s your first time skiing or snowboarding, have a few lessons before you hit the slopes to increase your confidence and ability. Remember to pace yourself, do not overdo it and if you feel tired then take a break. Also wear a helmet

Remember to have a good breakfast before you ski or snowboard and rehydrate regularly

Should you be unlucky enough to return from skiing or snowboarding with a niggling pain or injury seek the advice of a physiotherapist rather than suffer in silence as you may do more damage

The Ski Fit ‘Meet Our Experts’ events will be running across the country during November. For more information visit: Meet Our Experts