Win a £120 Loveheart Tea Holder made by Sheffield sculptor Stoneface

The sculptor known as Stoneface has a new website and to celebrate you can win one of his Sheffield creations.

Saturday, 18th September 2021, 4:00 am

Andrew Vickers, better known as Stoneface, is based in the Loxley Valley at Storrs Wood and his new website is a showcase for his amazing work.

His nickname Stoneface comes from Andrew’s time as a young man when he would incorporate a sculpture of a face in the dry stone walls he constructed in and around the Yorkshire countryside.

The new website is and it is packed with information about this much loved artist. It is also a response to the challenges of Covid which left so many small businesses having to re-invent what they do.

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Andrew Vickers with a Loveheart Tea Holder, which weighs about 10-15 kilos and can go on a shelf or in the garden.

Andrew’s website says: “Having achieved overnight success after 30 years of blood, sweat and toil, he is now internationally renowned for his powerful, evocative and often spiritual, stone carved art, inspired by the wonder of nature which surrounds him in his own Sculpture Gallery.”

Now you can win one of his popular Loveheart Tea Holders, which cost £120, weigh about 10-15 kilos and can go on a shelf or in the garden.

It is a great prize, coming from a man whose art now graces the homes and gardens of clients around the world including rock and movie stars, politicians and entrepreneurs.

As his new website says: “Despite having such an auspicious customer base, Andrew, always one to remember his roots, dedicates a portion of his time creating smaller, more intimate and affordable works for private clients.”

A Loveheart Tea Holder, which weighs about 10-15 kilos and can go on a shelf or in the garden.

To win the Loveheart Tea Holder answer this question: What is Stoneface’s real name?

To enter go online to where you can register and answer the quesion. The closing date is two weeks after the publication date on this article.

Keep in touch with Stoneface via the following:

Instagram: andrewvickersart

Facebook: Andrew Vickers Art

Twitter: @stonefacecreate

And of course there’s the new website which rightly says Stoneface is ‘respected by his friends, customers and peers alike, as a good man and an artist of humility and rare ability.’

The winner will be picked live on Andrew’s Facebook site and will be contacted by his business.