These are the artists taking part in Scarborough's Open Studios at the weekend

Eighteen artists around Scarborough, from Scalby to Hunmanby, will be opening their studios to the public for North Yorkshire Open Studios on the first two weekends in June – Saturdays and Sundays on June 3 and 4 and June 10 and 11.
Scarborough artist and keen swimmer Lesley Warner with one of her pieces of workScarborough artist and keen swimmer Lesley Warner with one of her pieces of work
Scarborough artist and keen swimmer Lesley Warner with one of her pieces of work

The 18 artists will be there to talk about their techniques, inspiration and motivation as well as having work for sale as part of an event that stretches across North Yorkshire with 140 artists involved in total.

“During last year’s North Yorkshire Open Studios event I welcomed nearly 300 people to my studio over the two weekends,” said ceramic artist Lesley Warner, based at Scarborough’s Old Parcels Office.

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“Some were locals, others just happened to be on holiday here, and other visitors had booked weekend accommodation in the area for the sole purpose of discovering new artists in their studios.

"It was a fabulous atmosphere and I look forward to seeing new and old faces again this year.

" It’s a great opportunity to see a wide range of contemporary art and meet the people behind it.”

Local artists include:

Jacqui Barrowcliffe: mixed media. Old Parcels Office, Scarborough Railway Station

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Photography and installation, exploring ideas around traces, process and impermanence.

Lynn Comley: textile artist. Westfield Avenue, Newby

Lynn, who works under the name UpandDownDale, creates wet felted textile art which is then embellished with stitching and embroidery using wool, silk and linen.

Peter Finch – abstract painter: South Crescent Avenue, Filey

Peter is an abstract painter whose goal is always to retain the initial freshness and energy of those first marks with each work beginning as a playful experiment.

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Petra Ingham – painting and drawing: St Mary’s Church, Scarborough

Petra’s work focuses on the relationship between art, poetry and sound. Listening to different genres of music, inspired by poetry and immersing herself in the sounds of nature, allows for a spontaneous and intuitive emotional response.

Hayley Mills-Styles – textiles: Scholes Park Avenue

Hayley Mills-Styles specialises in embroidery and her work often has an autobiographical theme, exploring mental health and memories.

Rob Moore – painter and printmaker: Main Street, Irton

Rob Moore’s work is abstract in form and is a personal expression of memories, observations, places, climate and poetry.

Phil Roberts – landscape painting: Green Lane, Lebberston

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Phil is developing landscape painting influenced by centuries of graffiti (modern, neolithic or Roman) and remnants from the peak of Victorian construction.

Wendy Tate – painter and printmaker: Main Street, Irton

Wendy’s pictures capture fleeting moments, feeling or memories and the transience of life. She often draws inspiration from daily countryside walks.

Lindsey Tyson – painting/drawing: Woodend

Abstract artist Lindsey Tyson uses a myriad of materials and processes in her work. Within her paintings, inspired by her local surroundings, you can feel the wind, the rain and the ethereal beauty.

Shirley Vauvelle – ceramics: Lebberston Hall

An established artist, showing with galleries throughout the country, Shirley works with clay and mixed media producing collections of hand-built sculptures and abstract or semi abstract paintings.

Lesley Warner – ceramics: Old Parcels Office

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Lesley Warner is a ceramic artist whose work, all thrown on the potter’s wheel, is inspired by her morning swims in Scarborough’s South Bay. Bottles, mugs, bowls and vessels reference the depth of colour and movement in the sea, with no two being the same.

Other Scarborough area venues and artists


Coastal Clays, 39-40 Queen Street YO11 1HQ, Nicholas Robinson, ceramics

Gladstone Studios, 2-4 Gladstone Lane YO12 7BP, Adam King, painting/drawing/printmaking

18 Westfield Avenue, Newby, Scarborough YO12 6DG: Lynn Comley, textile artist


Byways, Low Street , YO13 0QW: Michael Atkin, printmaking


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51 Main Street, YO12 4RJ: Rob Moore, painting; Wendy Tate, painting/printmaking


Lebberston Hall, Manor View Road YO11 3PB: Lesley Seeger, painting/drawing; Shirley Vauvelle, ceramics

25 Green Lane, YO11 3PF: Phil Roberts, painting/drawing


11 Bardney Road, YO14 0LX: Tanja Entwhistle, glass artist

32 Northgate YO14 ONT: Pam Edwards, printmaking; Lynne Glazzard, jewellery