Sheffield teen shares Black Lives Matter poem - and asks us to stand up to injustice of racism

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A Sheffield teenager, who was inspired to put pen to paper in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, has shared her poem on social media.

Sarah Lahreche had never written a poem before, but says she felt the need to speak out, as BLM protests were held across the globe this month.

In the poem, the 17-year-old, who is a sixth form pupil at King Ecgbert’s School, asks people to remember the name George Floyd, and to stand up against injustices when they see them.

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“The Black Lives Matter movement is one that is close to my heart,” said Sarah.

Sarah LahrecheSarah Lahreche
Sarah Lahreche

“I have friends and family members who are black, and whenever I see something happening in the world, like the tragedy of George Floyd, I find myself thinking that it could happen to any of them.”

And despite not being a writer, Sarah says it turned out to be the perfect medium to capture her message.

“I always feel people pay more attention to poetry than to other types of writing,” she said.

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“I wrote it over the course of a few days, and kept adding bits until I was happy with it, and I’m pleased that it’s had such a good response online.

“I felt it gave me a voice, and hope that it’s changed somebody’s mindset, or made them think, even just a little bit.”

Sarah’s poem reads:

‘I am here today to stand up for the black community

And I have a dream that one day the human race will be one unity.

Now although you may not have experienced racism and discrimination,

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People all over the world have been in these horrific situations.

The main problem in society today is racism which should not exist,

It’s 2020, how are people still like this?

I am here to educate the younger minds of our generation that culture and freedom are a right

And no matter your skin tone we all are in this fight.

We all have social media therefore have seen the recent outrage.

George Floyd. Remember his name.

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He is one of many black lives that have been taken due to racism and batter

So I am here using my voice to tell you all that Black Lives Matter.

I want to teach the young to have freedom of expression

And to stand up to all of this oppression.

We have freedom of speech, and black people have fought and fought,

If you are white and a witness to injustice then stand up and support.

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Use your privilege to help what is happening because it is a problem that is ongoing.

History is repeating itself and it is not fair,

Ask yourself if you could tell the difference between black and white, if skin was not there.

Some people may say “I don’t see colour,” this is not the goal.

The goal is to see colour and honour what they have been through and acknowledge that black people also have souls.

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I will forever stand by the Black Lives Matter movement as it is something close to my heart

And I really hope that in the future we all come together and fight for equality not fall further apart.

Martin Luther King had a dream that one day his four black children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.

So once again I’m using my voice to tell you all that Black Lives Matter.

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It breaks me to say this but its the truth you need to hear,

But black people will never be unarmed as their blackness is the weapon that people fear.

I’m not black, but I see you

I’m not black, but I hear you.

I’m not black, but I mourn with you.

I’m not black, but I will fight for you.

One last message is some of you aren't bothered because it isn't your problem or your biggest issue is making sure you air force dont crease,

But I am here to tell you to fight because with no justice there is no peace.’