Around The World In 120 Days: Photographer shares pictures from global trip in Sheffield café

Laure Divisia at the Blue Moon Café.Laure Divisia at the Blue Moon Café.
Laure Divisia at the Blue Moon Café.
When Laure Divisia set off on her travels last March she did not know exactly where her journey would take her.

But she documented everything in pictures – and some of her best work is being displayed at Sheffield’s Blue Moon Café in an exhibition titled ‘Around The World in 120 Days’.

Laure, who has lived in the city for 12 years, was a part-time photographer before she went to explore the world with her husband Stuart and their children.

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Their trip took them all around the world from East to West, starting with India and Nepal, followed by Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Hawaii, California, Oregon and finally Canada.

Photography has always been a passion for me. As a photographer, to travel the world with my family was a dream come true,” Laure said.

“The most difficult thing was choosing the photos. I would have loved to share far more.”

Laure had always wanted to go on a world tour and in the end the family just packed their bags.

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“We were very lucky that my husband was able to work while we were travelling. That’s one of the reasons why we went to the places we went to,” she said.

After she came back from her four-month trip, Laure went into full-time photography and wanted to share her pictures with others.

All her photos have a story behind them, Laure explained: “For me the picture of a little girl in a suburb of Kathmandu means a lot. In this trip you see the inequality and that’s what really struck us.”

While the family was travelling, they were reading Jules Verne’s story ‘Around The World In Eighty Days’, about the exploits of the globetrotting Phileas Fogg.

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“We were very lucky to do this trip. I know it’s not a given to everyone. It is a pleasure to be sharing my photos,” Laure said.

The question Laure gets asked the most is which place she would most like to go back to visit – and the answer is Vietnam.

“It has a very dynamic population. They are very friendly and the country has lots of history,” she explained.

“I would like to thank Harrison Cameras for the printing of the pictures, Bill from the Blue Moon Café for hosting the exhibition and to the Art House for their support.”

The exhibition runs until tomorrow in the Blue Moon Café and pictures are on sale for £40 each. Proceeds will go towards the Cathedral Archer Project.