World War One

World War One

The Battle of the Somme: The British Army’s darkest day

To the French it is a river. But to the British it sums up the horrors of the First World War. In the first in a week-long series marking its centenary, Chris Bond looks back at the Battle of the Somme.

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Sheffield's Women Of Steel

Women of Steel list

I would just like to thank The Star for publishing my letter on the omission of many of the Women of Steel names from the roll of honour printed in The Star’s Women of Steel special edition.

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Memories of an evacuee

Last week’s page 3 of Class Act on the Blitz brought back memories of the war years.

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Three Women of Steel from our family

Women of Steel

I find it odd that the names of all the recipients of the medals including those no longer with us were not read out at the unveiling ceremony or at the very least would have been included in the roll of honour list printed in the special edition of the Star.

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Jack Cornwell

DO YOU recognise this boy?

He was the most famous 16-year-old in Britain 100 years ago today.

World War One
Battle of Jutland

Battle of Jutland - How it unfolded

On the centenary of WWI's biggest - and bloodiest - battle, we consider how the historic clash developed.
World War One
Sheffield Pals being drilled in 1914

Sheffield park to be turned into ‘centenary field’ to honour First World War dead

Almost 5,000 Sheffield men who died during the First World War will be honoured on the 100th anniversary of day one of the Battle of the Somme.

World War One 2
Jack Cornwell

“They fought in defence of British values” - The Battle of Jutland by PM David Cameron

Loos, Gallipoli, Somme and Paschendale. These names are seared into our memory, bywords for the scale and suffering of the First World War. Today we add the Battle of Jutland to this sombre roll call, the war’s biggest sea battle.

World War One
There's a chance to find out what life was like for World War One nurses at the event

Doncaster goes back in time to learn about war

If the world was at war, would you join the army?

Snow at Station Road, Edale, 1947.

What a lifetime war babies have lived

What a lifetime Sheffielders born in the Second World War have lived.

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Wreath laid at Sheffield pals final resting place by Notre Dame students

We don’t forget the fallen of the Somme

Patricia M Davey is mistaken in her remarks in her letter of May 19. There is a service at the Cathedral on Sunday, July 3 to commemorate the Battle of the Somme.

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Wreath laid at Sheffield pals final resting place by Notre Dame students

Duty done by city council

There is a letter in The Star of May 19 headed “City Council should send delegation to honour dead”.

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Memorial to Sheffield Pals, Serre, France

Letter: Shame on the city council for not honouring the Somme dead

On July 1 we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and the gallant sacrifice of 565 Sheffield men, including 248 men of the Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment, which includes the volunteers in the Sheffield City Battalion, who gave their lives for our future freedom.

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Lawrence Tighe's war grave in Chesterfield

Chesterfield tribute to unsung war heroes

We think of World War One as being fought in the trenches, and so it was, but the bloody conflict was also fought out underground.

A Henderson's Relish bottle found at the site of the Battle of the Somme by Tim Thurlow.

Old Henderson’s Relish bottle discovered on the site of the Battle of the Somme

Most Sheffield people know just how well Henderson’s Relish can spice up almost any dish.

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Women of Steel Dorothy Slingsby, Ruby Gascoigne, Kathleen Roberts and Kit Sollitt (front) outside the Sheffield City Hall where the Women of Steel statue will be placed

Call for more of Sheffield’s Women of Steel to come forward as statue design is revealed

Sheffield’s Women of Steel hope to see their number boosted by new faces when a statue honouring them is unveiled in June.

A poster advertising Maconochie's field rations,. famously unpopular with troops

Barnsley's wartime bantams and hungry times on battlefront and at home

I had hoped to provide some examples of food eaten by the army in the First World War at the launch of my book Great Sacrifice at Barnsley’s History Day tomorrow (Sunday March 20).

A portrait of  Quakers Corder and Gwen Catchpool around 1927

Barnsley war objectors faced white feathers and humiliation

Barnsley historian Jane Ainsworth, who has written a book on old boys of a Barnsley school during World War One, writes here about White Feather Day.
Maude Swift and her baby in a photograph that her husband Stuart Swift may never have seen

South Yorks wartime tragedy of soldier who never saw his son

A new book by Barnsley writer Jane Ainsworth looks at the 76 old boys of a Barnsley grammar school who died during World War One.

Doncaster World War One project volunteer Rebecca Payne

Get hands-on with project to record wartime history

First World War experts in Doncaster are inviting local people to make a New Year’s resolution to volunteer their time in a history-focused community project – with a promise that it could change their lives!

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