VIDEO: Walking With Dinosaurs poster - it’s alive!

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YOU wouldn’t want to meet him on a dark night alone in Sheffield! But thousands of families can’t wait to get up close and personal when this ferocious tyrannosaurus-rex walks again.

He’s one of 20 life-size dinosaurs, which first thrilled South Yorkshire families three years ago, now returning for another bite at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena.

Amazing: Walking With Dinosaurs -The Star's first and exclusive interactive Aurasma poster.

Amazing: Walking With Dinosaurs -The Star's first and exclusive interactive Aurasma poster.

Walking With Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular will roar back for nine performances in five days over the Easter holidays, from Thursday, March 28 to Monday, April 1.

And to celebrate it’s Walking With Dinosaurs week in The Star.

Today we get things under way with a sneak-peak at the £12.5 million show and a truly amazing gift for every reader – our first ever interactive poster, free in The Star.

Simply download the special phone or iPad app, detailed on the opposite page, then hold the camera view over the poster to see the dinosaur images come to life, with exclusive video highlights from the show. It’s incredible.

VIDEO: Press the play button to see how the poster brings the dinosaurs back to life and how to use it - with more details below.

Based on the BAFTA award- winning BBC TV series, the live show is breathtaking – it educates and entertains, merging scientific accuracy, high-tech animatronic puppetry and cinematic realism to help wide-eyed children and adults better understand these colossal creatures.

Expertly narrated, it features 20 life-size dinosaurs and 10 different species, including the stegosaurus, brachiosaurus and the star of the show, the 23ft tall and 42ft long T-rex, weighing the equivalent of a family car.

A formidable sight, its muscles appear to ripple beneath its skin as it walks.

Its roar is as frighteningly loud as a jet engine and its shuddering footsteps are terrifying.

Get too close and you can almost smell on its breath the left-over raptors it ate for breakfast!

These prehistoric recreations, unmatched for realism, are used to tell the real life dinosaur story of their 200 million year global domination.

Audiences see them walk, hear them roar and face one another as they would have done in the fight for survival and supremacy.

Oceans form, volcanoes erupt, a forest catches fire – all leading to the impact of the massive comet, which struck the earth, and forced the extinction of the dinosaurs around 66 million years ago. It has already been seen by well over seven million people in more than 200 cities world-wide – a treat that parents and children can enjoy together.

Global Creatures, in association with BBC Worldwide, are returning for an eight-city UK tour, starting in Sheffield. Dinosaur designer Sonny Tilders, who has worked on Farscape, Star Wars and other movie blockbusters, is currently creating a huge animatronic King Kong for a new arena spectacular, which launches in Australia this summer and UK fans will be hoping to see next year.

He said: “It took a year for a team of 50 talented and experienced artists, scientists and technicians, including engineers, fabricators, skin makers, artists, painters, and animatronic experts, to build the original production.

“The computer software and hardware we have developed is based on systems used to control animatronic creatures in feature films. We use ‘muscle bags’, made from stretchy mesh fabric,which are filled with polystyrene balls and stretched across moving points on the body. These contract and stretch in the same manner that muscle, fat, and skin does on real creatures.

“The puppeteers use ‘voodoo rigs’ to make many of the dinosaurs move, miniature versions of their life-sized counterparts. The puppeteer manipulates the voodoo rig and these actions are interpreted by computer and transmitted by radio waves to make the hydraulic cylinders in the actual dinosaur replicate the action, with a driver hidden below the animal, helping to manoeuvre it around the arena.”

Director Scott Faris said: “The show is suitable for anyone aged three to 93. It’s ideal for all the family.”

Guarantee your Sheffield seats. Tickets are £25, £35 and £45, with £105 family-of-four tickets – booking fee may apply. Call 0114 2565656 or book online at or

Also book on The Star’s what’s on guide, at see

Meet the show’s baby T-rex at Meadowhall shopping centre tomorrow, outside Thomas Cook and Barratts, from 1pm to 1.30pm.


A MONSTER-sized treat is the amazing and exclusive Walking With Dinosaurs free gift for all readers – our first ever interactive poster.

It brings together print and digital in a remarkable way.

Simply download the Aurasma app, from your app store – available for most smartphones, including the iPhone and iPad – open its menu, search for The Star channel and follow us.

That’s it. You’re all set.

In the app’s camera mode, point your device at the poster and watch as the big T-rex in the middle magically ‘comes to life’, turning the poster into a video wall to showcase highlights from the live show.

It’s like a Harry Potter magic trick. But it’s real.

Double tap on the playing video and it will fill the screen of your device, so you can walk away watching it.

Or tap the playing video once and it will take you to The Star’s new what’s-on guide web site, where you can also buy tickets, for tehs show at

Five dinosaurs are missing from your poster. Four have the Aurasma ‘A’ symbol, which indicates we have separate video content, giving details about that beast.

We’ll print one in The Star every day this week, until Saturday.

The first is here, the Utahraptor.

Get an adult to safely cut out and paste the dinosaurs onto your poster or, for a photo quality finish, download, print, then cut out and paste the artwork from our web site, using the special url link we will publish exclusively in The Star.

VIDEO: Press the play button for a short video showing you the poster coming to life and how to use it.

* IF you didn’t get a poster in The Star you can collect one, on presentation of today’s Star, at The Star shop, York Street, Sheffield – but hutty, only while stocks last.


* Dinosaurs first appeared during the Triassic period, 230 million years ago.

* Tyrannosaurus-rex could eat 154lbs – or 11 stones, the equivalent of a grown man – in one mouthful.

* Brachiosaurius, one of the biggest land animals ever, weighed more than 70 tons, was 75ft long and 42.6ft tall.

* An asteroid impact, causing severe climate change, wiped out dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Humans appeared only 200,000 years ago.

* Ornithocherius had a wing span of 39.4ft and could glide for hundreds of miles.