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Watch our exclusive behind the scenes footage of the dinosaurs and zoo keepers at play!

Do you like singing dinosaurs? This is not the show for you. Do you like a reet good story? This is not the show for you.

The Davies family reviewrs: dad Chris, mum Lou and children Ffion and Thomas

The Davies family reviewrs: dad Chris, mum Lou and children Ffion and Thomas

If however you are totally mad about dinosaurs and would like to get up close and personal to them, then Dinosaur Zoo is right up your street.

This interactive educational puppet show was full of excitement, special effects and – um – screams.

Lindsey Chaplin, our hostess with the mostess, explained on numerous occasions that the dinosaurs were puppets but this however did not stop certain children from hysterically crying whenever one of them plodded on stage. They really did look like the real McCoy.

As the show started, Ffion Davies, aged three, exclaimed, “I want to go home!” This did not bode well for our theatre trip.

Youngsters meeting the Dino Zoo dinosaurs in Tudor Square

Youngsters meeting the Dino Zoo dinosaurs in Tudor Square

However, once it was explained to her that the dinosaurs were not real and that she would live to see another day, Ffion thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thomas, aged six, was completely mesmerised by the whole spectacle.

Not only did the dinosaurs appear on the stage, they also came out into the audience. Children were invited to pet them, feed them and even put their heads inside a carnivore’s mouth.

We loved the baby Dryosaurus (yes, dinosaurs can be cute) but Thomas’ highlight was the Australovenator. This dinosaur is apparently even more deadly than a Tyrannosaurus Rex. When it appeared on the stage, Thomas cried out “Woah!”. It was stuff of dreams for every six-year-old kid and the stuff of nightmares for every three-year-old.

If your kids are of stoic stuff, try to get seats close to the front. If they are of a timid nature, go to Weston Park Museum and look at stuffed ones.

After the show, the Lyceum flung open its doors and the dinosaurs were let loose into Tudor Square.

Thomas and Ffion were beside themselves.

The Davies Family loved it. Chris and I would give it 8 out of 10. Thomas, however, would give it 150 out of 10.

We are all now experts on dinosaurs – except Thomas, who asked after the show: “Mum, when you were little, were there dinosaurs?”


The Davies family comprises dad Chris, aged 46, mum Lou, 41, Thomas and Ffion. They live in Intake, Sheffield, and say they love swimming, cuddles and pasta.