Trick is to keep them laughing

Magic touch: Pete Firman is on his most ambitious tour to date
Magic touch: Pete Firman is on his most ambitious tour to date
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PETE Firman, who sprinkles a little magic at the City Hall next week, is officially a very clever person.

Dubbed as magic’s new poster boy and the star of BBC1 show Magicians, Pete started the new year off with a big bang as he won Celebrity Mastermind and is now busy on tour showing his fans just how clever he really is with his brand new show, Hoodwinker.

His specialist subject in the Mastermind chair was Tommy Cooper, who also played magic for laughs.

Stuart said: “The difference between the type of stuff that he did is that I try to make it as funny as I can and make the tricks work well.”

The Middlesbrough-born magician-come-comedian had a busy few weeks of TV appearances after Christmas as he also featured on Channel 4’s Celebrity Come Dine With Me Comedy Mash-up, where he finished in a respectable second place after being beaten to the coveted title by comedian Stan Boardman.

He also bamboozled fellow Geordie Sarah Millican with some nifty card tricks on her new chat show.

With over 30 tour dates across the country, he will be performing his intriguing mix of comedy, magic and general quirkiness.

As the title suggests, Hoodwinker is set to baffle even the most cynical critics through a set of jaw dropping illusions and mind-boggling tricks.

He added: “I love the 
American double act Penn and Teller – I first saw them when I was 16 or 17.

“I very much liked them being a little bit rude and edgy.

“Up until then all the magic I’d seen on TV was traditional. They couldn’t be further from sparkly boxes and glamorous assistants.

“It was like discovering a cool band.”

He said that the comedy in his act evolved because he had to play comedy clubs.

“No-one’s going to a comedy club to see a magic show.

“I had to come to the party with a lot of what they were after.”

He will be doing some bigger illusions plus smaller sleight of hand tricks that will be seen on a video screen. This is his most ambitious tour to date.

He said: “In a live show you want as much light and shade as possible.

“Doing a stand-up routine in a comedy club you’ve got to be pretty hard and fast in your tricks.

“In this tour I can afford to do some more ambitious things which is really exciting to do.”

Pete began his career as part of comedy team Monkey Magic and has gone on to host TV programmes such as Dirty Tricks and Children’s programme Stakeout.

He has recently released his first book Tricks To Freak Out Your Friends and is 
really proud that he is now an honorary member of a magic club in his home town

Catch him next Thursday (Feb 28) or at Barnsley Civic Theatre on March 8.