Revolting version of Cinderella is great fun for children!

Polly Ives and members of Ensemble in Cinderella, a Music in the Round family concert
Polly Ives and members of Ensemble in Cinderella, a Music in the Round family concert
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Cinderella, Sheffield 
City Hall Ballroom

Cinderella will go to the ballroom, say Ensemble 360 as they perform this family concert, based on one of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes.

Composer Rory Boyle said: “I wrote it in 1989, when I was commissioned by a group called the English Serenata for the Solihulll Festival in 1990, which was the year that Roald Dahl died.

“We had already got permission from the great man himself to use the words before he died. It is now much more difficult to get permission from the Roald Dahl Trust.

“Cinderella was the Revolting Rhyme that seemed to me to be the one that offered the most possibilities of what I wanted it to do. It’s a very visual piece and the players have a part to play in that and the audience is not just listening.

“Somebody has to get into the piano and pluck the strings to do silly noises at some stage. You even get a rap from the fairy godmother!

“The narrator has to play all the roles and it’s a lot of fun.”

This version of the fairy tale is pretty different from the original. Dahl wrote: “I guess you think you know this story. You don’t. The real one’s much more gory.”

The composer said that he’d spoken to the show’s narrator Polly Ives at an awards ceremony in London. He said: “It was a great pleasure to hear that they’re doing it again as a children’s concert.”

He is an advocate of children playing music to learn a range of skills, saying: “I’m a believer that you should light the blue touch paper and retire when introducing music to children. I don’t compromise with the music that I write for them.”

The show takes place tomorrow at 11am. Tickets: 0114 278 9789 or go to