Review: Thriller Live, Lyceum Theatre

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A controversial figure in later life admittedly, but you had to give Michael Jackson his dues.

The designated ‘King of Pop’ tried his bejewelled gloved hand at so many musical genres that whatever your musical tastes, there’s always a Jacko track that would have the most die-hard punk tapping his feet to.

So given the late star’s formidable contribution to singing, songwriting, choreography and showmanship it was only fitting this show be up to his high standards. And it was.

From the onset this was high-octane entertainment. Clever sets, dazzling lighting effects, pyrotechics and costumes all served to enhance this sliderule-precise dancefest and musical extravaganza, charting Michael’s beginnings with his brothers in The Jackson Five through to his amazingly successful solo career.

This was the best choreography I have ever seen on stage. If there were mistakes, I didn’t see them. The music? Think of your favourite Jacko song, and it was in there, alternately performed by four vocalists, one of whom was female - quite appropriate given Jackson’s androgynous qualities.

The element of the show detailing the singer’s post-Bad political and tree-hugging songs was however a little too sugary for me.

But it failed to dampen what was a breathtaking tour de force I think Jackson would have approved of.