REVIEW: The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, Lyceum

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THIS play makes a comedy out of a sad story.

I found it jarring that so much was played for laughs with pretty broad brushstrokes as at the heart of a story is Little Voice, a young woman so heartbroken by her dad’s death that all she does is play his records.

Her mum (Coronation Street’s Beverley Callard), is more interested in her new bloke, would-be showbiz impresario Ray Say (Philip Andrew), who spots that Little Voice can sing just like the divas she listens to.

Beverley Callard does an admirable job in carrying the show but you want more of Little Voice, the breathtaking Jess Robinson. They play darker moments together brilliantly.

Ray Quinn was lovely as gentle friend Billy and our own Duggie Brown was great as club boss Mr Boo. But the casually cruel treatment of fat friend Sadie (Sally Plumb) riled me.

The club turns and half time bingo were great fun.