Review: September in the Rain, Pomegranate Theatre

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The music sounded a bit over-sentimental as the audience took their seats – but I was pleasantly surprised by this bitter-sweet comedy from John Godber, which brought a roller-coaster ride of quick-fire banter.

Memories of annual seaside holidays to Blackpool provide the backdrop but amid recollections of damp fish and chips on the promenade and dodgy bed and breakfasts, the main thrust of the script is the ups and downs of married life.

Scenes are shown in flashback, of couple Jack and Liz, played by John Thomson and Claire Sweeney, on their September breaks.

The couple love nothing better than to wind each other up – but find they can’t do without each other either.

A stand-out moment is Sweeney’s Liz giving a devilishly spiteful look as she watches her husband struggle to put up the deckchairs – before making him move them firstly to ‘soft sand’ then back to where he had put them in the first place.

The comedy is in the pettiness and sarcasm – with miner Jack giving it back in equal measure, refusing to strip off on the beach, instead rolling up his trousers before pulling his socks up as high as they’ll go.

Runs until Saturday.