Review: Russell Brand, Sheffield City Hall

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Russell Brand was welcomed by the adoration of screaming fans. The atmosphere was electric and even I felt giddy when he made his way on to the stage. Brand, donning his bohemian/rocker attire, looked every inch the superstar as he wove through audience where he was met with smiles, hugs, kisses and presents.

Brand’s first-ever world stand-up tour, The Messiah Complex, began introducing his heroes, Gandhi, Che Guevara, Jesus, and Malcolm X, who he likens himself to. He was insightful, deep and incredibly articulate, emphasising how celebrity has replaced religion.

Brand concluded: “It’s important to choose your own heroes or culture will choose them for you!”

Behind the hair, outfits and extreme behaviour is a very clever and passionate man.

Playful Brand mocked himself, which was refreshing, poking fun at his unconventional behaviour, giving nods to numerous tabloid antics and references to his past drug addiction and his more recent elevated Hollywood status, where he typically plays ‘exaggerated versions of myself in a hat!’

Brand used sex in anecdotes and jokes, which varied from funny to hilarious to a little too much information to far too graphic. He may have his finger on the pulse politically, but a filter he does not have.

Overall an incredibly enjoyable evening. Without hesitation I choose Brand as one of my heroes.