Review: Mother Goose, Montgomery Theatre, Sheffield

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If you’re looking for slick and polished, perhaps this one’s not for you.

If you’re looking for a fun, funny, heartwarming night in a traditional theatre with laughs, gaffes and singalongs get yourself a ticket for next week.

This is the Wales Panto group’s 69th annual production and a tribute to Roy Staniforth, the man who started the whole thing off in 1945 but who is too frail these days to take part.

He would have loved being part of this one.

First night creakiness aside - and there were one or two bloopers - the panto makes up in jokes, enthusiasm and a genuine love for the show what it may lack in slickness.

And there’s some talent there too.

Nick Challenger makes an excellent Mother Goose. As waspish and sarky as a dame should be but with warmth and lots of humour.

Toni Lemm and Alison Wade have voices that would grace any production in their roles as principal girl and boy. Joseph Bairstow’s theatrical exits and plummy tones are a delight as Sir Galahad and Shaun Bradley makes a convincingly boo-making Baron Goosepimple, the villain of the piece.

At some points in the production it looks as though every child in the village must be on stage and they are a delight to see - especially the little girl at the front who animatedly tied knots in her dress throughout the finale.

Cracking, traditional, thigh-slapping stuff and a tribute to the people who put in time and a lot of work to get the show on stage.

Mother Goose playing Friday January 17 and Saturday 18. Tickets 01909 809757 or 07730266810.