Review: Jimmy Carr, at Sheffield City Hall

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More than 2,000 people left their sense of decency at the door to enjoy two hours of politically incorrect humour from top comic Jimmy Carr.

The host of comedy TV panel show 8 out of 10 Cats rattled through a stream of gags, with – despite the tour’s title of Gagging Order – seemingly no taboo subject off limits.

Race, religion, learning disabilities and sex, repeatedly, were all subjects of Carr’s rapid-fire delivery.

His own tax difficulties and Thatcher’s death were also mocked as Carr went on the offensive, quite literally.

Adding depth to his sometimes controversial act, he was happy to explain his attitude towards offending people - you’ve got a right to say it, someone has a right to be offended – although the serious message may have been lost under the constant barrage of jokes.

If you are easily shocked, stay away. If you can leave that sense of moral fibre at the door and just take Carr’s act as what it is, a series of very funny jokes, then go and enjoy it.

Jimmy Carr brings his Gagging Order tour back to City Hall on Friday, September 13. For tickets, priced £25, call 0114 278 9789.