Review: James Acaster, The Lescar

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JAMES Acaster’s show is called Lawnmower - but not a single patch of cut grass is ever mentioned tonight.

“I just thought the people who would come to a show called Lawnmower are the kind of people I want at my show,” he explains in his encore.

Bizarre? Perhaps but then this young Kettering-born, London-based comic is all about the unusual.

He’s at his best when taking a studious look at what is essentially an inconsequential issue - the chants sung by Kettering Town FC fans, the theme tune to The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air, the fact the sheep in the Percy Pig sweet range have no name - and somehow transforming these into subjects of urgent gravities.

Hang on, one can almost hear the audience wondering, just what is the sheep in Percy Pig called anyway?

Other Big Questions he addresses tonight include just who did eat all the pies and why America call their everyman Jon Doe, whereas the British go with the far less cool, Joe Bloggs. “You just know Joe Bloggs is a w****r, don’t you?” he asks.

The climax sees him, fantastically, convincing the audience Yoko Ono didn’t cause The Beatles to split; a punchline-packed skit which ends with Yoko herself stricken on a sinking cruise ship as maracas float past.

Sounds unusual? It is. That’s the point. And delightfully funny with it.