REVIEW: I Love Sheffield, Lantern Theatre

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IT’S one of life’s recurring conundrums: what would you do if a big bag of money you really shouldn’t have ended up in your possession?

Such is the scenario for Sheffield charity shop managers Bert and Joyce as they prepare for an official opening by a former colleague turned pop star.

Up until and beyond their discovery – alongside the abandoned proceeds of a local robbery is a ski mask and a revolver – we’re given a warm-hearted insight into the enduring lives of this long-married couple, played with gusto and sincerity by Susan Mitchell and the plays writer, Mark Whiteley.

David Crawley gives an extra dimension with appearances as a postman (somehow clutching a letter apparently from for yours truly), a cop and a slightly baffling/baffled customer.

Mark’s script is quick-witted and often sitcom by nature, lifted by some classic lines and set-pieces – you can rarely go far wrong with an ill-fitting trousers situation.

With its simplistic set and frequent bursts of classic northern humour – and pathos – I Love Sheffield could be located in most towns above the Watford Gap, but was well suited to the intimate surroundings of this Nether Edge stage.

David Dunn