Review: Hidden, Library Theatre

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Laura Lindsay and Peter Carruthers make their writing debut and take all six acting roles in this comedy piece.

Three years have passed since Hidden’s conception and this is the last performance following the Edinburgh Fringe and a national tour. Six characters have a secret to hide. Inevitably, something repressed will come out eventually.

Lindsay and Carruthers prove themselves to be shy and retiring players. Carruthers as Colin starts the ball rolling by sitting in the audience and chatting to an unsuspecting punter.

Within seconds he has jumped on the stage, dropped his trousers and revealed his bare bottom to Sheffield’s intelligentsia.

Although possibly slightly unhinged, Colin does what most of us only dream of. In another hilarious scene, he composes a brilliantly frank email to boss from hell Nina before deleting it and replacing it with a more timid and subservient one.

Northern Colin is matched romantically with Glaswegian Claire who is ever so slightly forthcoming with her sexual needs. Incredibly her smooth, sausage-innuendo chat up lines, fail to snare a checkout customer. Meanwhile James is breaking the commuters’ code on the 8.10 and his wife, Nina, is summoning spiritual influence from Jesus to Aslan to create a negative pregnancy result. Then there’s Gareth who’s trying to come out while colleague Cara is trying to get in there.

It’s an expertly-acted, poignant and funny first outing of many from these confident, talented performers.