REVIEW: Grease, The Lyceum

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T Bird or Pink Lady? Who cares?

Grease is still the word if you want more than two hours of unashamedly over-the-top escapism.

There are some songs we all know the words to, some dance moves we’ve all learnt and some movies that can be watched again and again - without doubt Grease ticks all these boxes.

Has the stage version managed to capture that magic? A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop a-wop-bam-boom you bet it has.

Even mid week there was a buzz of excitement before the curtain went up for this production of the 70s classic.

As always with stories that move from the big screen to the stage, not every scene makes it but every big musical number certainly did.

There was a technical problem on the opening night which stopped the show for several minutes but even that couldn’t spoil the mood. The theatre was crammed with true fans from kids to grannies and they loved the spectacle.

The X Factor’s Rhydian was surprisingly impressive as Teen Angel but this talented cast really didn’t need any celebrity ingredient to improve their recipe. It was impossible to take your eyes of Danny Bayne and Carina Gillespie as Danny and Sandy as they performed You’re The One That I Want.

This is fun, fun, fun ... go Greased Lightnin’!

Grease is at the Lyceum until Saturday.