Review: Boeing Boeing, Crucible Theatre

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Bernard is living the 1960s playboy’s dream in a plush Paris apartment with a beautiful air hostess girlfriend.

Except that there are three girlfriends, unaware of each other and kept apart by airline schedules.

As he preens himself on his mathematical precision, it’s obvious that the whole scheme is bound to fall to bits, which it does with the arrival of a fast new airliner.

Bewildered house guest Robert and maid Bertha race around helping Bernard (Christian McKay)invent cover stories as the women begin to appear unexpectedly.

Joseph Kloska brilliantly plays Robert, the lad from the provinces who starts off out of his depth and ends up wanting a bit of the action. Julia Deakin is spot on as the grouchy maid and Lizzie Winkler is a scene stealer as over-the-top German air hostess Gretchen.

Kelly Price as American Gloria has fun turning the whole sexist premise on its head and Christian McKay beautifully shows Bernard’s smugness falling apart under pressure. Natalie Thomas is the gloriously angry Italian, Gabriella.

Director Jonathan Humphrey’s mathematical timing makes it all work like clockwork and Fabrice Serafino’s set looks stunning.