REVIEW: Being crafty is fun with Mister Maker

Mister Maker, real name Phil Gallagher.
Mister Maker, real name Phil Gallagher.
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If your child loves arts and crafts, then chances are they’re a fan of Mister Maker.

Now they can see him as they’ve never seen him before on his first ever live theatre tour – Mister Maker & The Shapes Live!

With his own show on CBeebies, Mister Maker is well known for whipping up artistic creations with little more than a handful of pipe cleaners and a pair of googly eyes.

This high-energy show, which took to the stage at The Crucible in Sheffield city centre, combines elements of the TV programme with songs, dancing and audience participation.

With four helpers to keep the show moving and assist with the activities, the production cleverly brings the best elements from the TV show while adding in the fun and unpredictability of a live performance.

Using volunteers from the audience to complete tasks ranging from making a giant face using household objects to painting a dinosaur using a stencil, children will leave the theatre itching to have a go themselves.

Phil Gallagher as Mister Maker, star of a hit CBeebies show aimed at pre-school children.

Phil Gallagher as Mister Maker, star of a hit CBeebies show aimed at pre-school children.

And everyone who goes along gets the chance to play a small part in creating an impressive big “make”.

Mister Maker is no stranger to Sheffield, having appeared on stage in the city in both the CBeebies Panto and CBeebies Live.

But he is not the only star of the show, he shares the limelight with The Shapes.

These four colourful characters make it hip to be a square – or even a rectangle, circle or triangle.

Their arrival on stage saw children leap to their feet dancing, clapping and singing their way through well-known musical numbers.

Inventive, creative and entertaining, Mister Maker and The Shapes Live! is a great way for young children to see just how much fun being crafty can be.