REVIEW: 7 Day Drunk, Lantern Theatre

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THERE’S research and homework and then there’s what Bryony Kimmings put herself through in preparing this ingenious and innovative performance art piece.

The premise was to probe the age-old relationship between alcohol and art and discovered whether the former could and truly does improve creativity.

In Bryony’s case the answer was surely yes as the results of her seven days of carefully monitored drinking while working in her south London studio informed and essentially resulted in this startling and clever piece.

Inspired in part by an alcoholic former housemate – now recovering – 7 Day Drunk has a heart as well as science to back-up Bryony’s motivation and vividly underline her findings.

With audience participation at varying degrees, including the selection of a girl to down shots to put herself in Bryony’s shoes at the time of her experiment, Bryony has created a revealing, emotive, hilarious and ultimately self-examining and sobering piece that will wow many, whether they drink or not.

Bryony confirms herself as a fearless artist prepared to confront her own demons as well as those lurking in the auditorium, but does so with observational and physical exertion in place of judgement and the result is a masterpiece of performance art for our challenged times.