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A Midsummer Night’s Dream Lyceum Theatre

Propeller Theatre have put their genius for inventive approaches to Shakespeare to good effect again with this lively and clever production of this much-loved comedy.

Director Edward Hall and his all-male cast wring the maximum fun out of fairy interference in the love lives of two young couples trying to find or avoid each other in the woods outside Athens.

Dan Wheeler and Matthew McPherson are brilliantly convincing with only minimal help from costumes and make-up as the warring friends Hermia and Helena.

Joseph Chance is a wickedly effective and charismatic Puck, who causes most of the chaos on behalf of his master, fairy king Oberon (Darrell Brockis).

The scenes involving the workmen ineptly putting on a play to entertain the Duke of Athens were hilarious, which isn’t always the case.

Chris Myles had a lot of fun as the endearingly overbearing weaver Bottom, who is turned into a donkey for a while.

Some excellent illusions are deftly pulled off to add to the magical atmosphere and Michael Pavelka’s set is a marvel of minimalism.

Clever use is also made of music, played by the actors on stage.