Provocative Ballad tells of Israel’s treatment of Palestine

Ballad of the Burning Star, Theatre Ad Finitum
Ballad of the Burning Star, Theatre Ad Finitum
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Ballad of the Burning Star, Crucible Studio

This show attracted a lot of attention at the Edinburgh Fringe last year because of its unique look at Israel’s treatment of Palestine.

The producers say: “Ballad is the story of one Jewish boy’s struggle to come to terms with the conflict raging in his homeland, Israel – and it’s all told in a daring, satirical and provocative way. It starts with a bomb and keeps on detonating…

“The full force of this emotional and passionate political story unfolds with biting wit and passion through a cacophonic concoction of cabaret, drag, physical storytelling, original songs, live music and new writing.”

Writer, director and performer Nir Paldi was inspired by his own experiences growing up in Israel.

He is the show’s MC, the high-heeled and hairy-chested drag queen Star, supported by The Starlets.

Under a shining Star of David mirror ball, they examine an Israeli man’s childhood in a Jewish settlement built on occupied Palestinian territory, the perpetual war that tore his family apart and the traumatic events of his military service that made him ask: “Am I a victim or a persecutor?”

Nir said: “I wanted to explore the identity crisis facing my homeland, Israel. “This is dark subject matter but we approached it playfully.

“You’ll find cabaret, humour and drag counter-balancing tragedy. Ballad’s provoked passionate debate and reactions – from anger and sadness to excitement and astonishment. You may cry, you may laugh out loud, you’ll certainly be surprised and we promise you a night out with a difference!”

The show is at the Studio on Wednesday and Thursday. Box 
office: or call 249 6000.