Murder role for TV star Sheridan

Filming of "Mrs Biggs" starring Daniel Mays and Sheridan Smith, on Blackpool's North Pier.
Filming of "Mrs Biggs" starring Daniel Mays and Sheridan Smith, on Blackpool's North Pier.
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Doncaster stage and screen sensation Sheridan Smith is to play a murder victim in her latest TV role.

The Epworth-born and bred actress will appear opposite Psychoville star Reece Shearsmith who will portray convicted real life murderer Malcolm Webster in the forthcoming drama for ITV.

The Widower will follow Webster over a 13-year period during which he murdered his first wife and attempted to kill his second wife before fleeing.

His wife Claire, who he poisoned then killed in a staged car crash, will be played by Smith who recently starred in BBC drama The 7.39 as well as a wacky role as a woman covered in shells in The Harry Hill Movie, which is currently showing at cinemas.

It is not the first time the starlet has played the wife of a criminal - she was cast as the wife of late Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs in ITV drama Mrs Biggs a few years ago.

The drama will see the actress reunite with Mrs Biggs and Lucan screenwriter Jeff Pope who has penned the new production.

“This is a quite extraordinary story, far more chilling than any fiction,” said Pope, who co-wrote hit film Philomena with Steve Coogan.

“Webster was a banal, almost benign face of evil. He was so clever at hiding his tracks and presenting a plausible front to his friends, family and colleagues that he was able to do what he did without really attracting suspicion.”

Smith will play Webster’s first wife who was killed eight months after they wed.

Malcolm Webster, 54, originally from Surrey, was jailed for a minimum of 30 years in 2011 for murdering Claire and was also convicted of staging a similar attempt to murder his second wife, Felicity Drumm.