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Camera Obscura, The Leadmill

Effervescent pop is how Camera Obscura are often described. And it’s lovely.

They play at The Leadmill tomorrow night.

The Scottish band have always had the air of happy underachievers about them.

But, while five albums, 18 years and numerous line-up changes into their career, they may never quite hit the heights of some of their indie pop contemporaries (such as Belle and Sebastian), one suspects they’re quite all right with that.

“We might not storm the charts completely,” front woman Tracyanne Campbell notes wryly, “but we’ll do our very best.”

And expect them to do their very best to keep fans happy at The Leadmill during tomorrow’s gig.

The group are currently on a nationwide tour - Glasgow, Birmingham and London dates are still ahead - and, with a wealth of delightful material behind them including last year’s album Desire Lines, this promises to be a show that’s a bit special.