John Godber’s school play is giving lessons in laughter

Teechers, Pomegranate Theatre
Teechers, Pomegranate Theatre
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Teechers, Pomegranate Theatre

This biting, witty, comedy looking at our education system is one of writer John Godber’s most famous plays.

It tells of Gail, Hobby and Salty, three fifth form students who, through their end of term play, tell the hilarious story of an idealistic new teacher in his perilous first days inside a local comprehensive school.

The three cast members transform into a vast array of other characters in this contemporary classic including teachers, dinner ladies, students, an obstructive caretaker and, of course, the school bully.

Although the play was written in 1984, Teechers puts the education system under a microscope 
and examines the themes and 
issues that are still relevant 

John Godber is also famed as the writer of Bouncers, Up ‘n’ Under and Happy Jack.

His play Jack Steele and Family, a bitter-sweet celebration of Sheffield’s industrial heritage written to mark the centenary of stainless steel this year, was premiered this summer at the Crucible in Sheffield.

He is also a senior lecturer in performance at Sheffield Hallam University.

This touring production of Teechers is presented by the John Godber Company and the Theatre Royal, Wakefield.

The play is not suitable for those aged 12 and under. It also contains some bad language.

The play is at the Chesterfield theatre tonight and tomorrow, Tuesday.

Box office: 01246 345334 or go to