It Runs in the Family, Hope Methodist Church Hall

It Runs in the Family, Hope Methodist Church
It Runs in the Family, Hope Methodist Church
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A healthy dose of laughter is just what the doctor ordered

“Oooh, matron!”

Nobody does in fact utter those immortal words in Ray Cooney’s hospital farce It Runs in the Family, but well they might.

After all, it contains not one, but four, matrons, although only one is the genuine article.

Dr David Mortimer is about to address a prestigious neurologists’ convention when his old flame Nurse Tate arrives and announces that their assignations in the sluice room 18 years ago resulted in a son who is now downstairs, desperate to meet his dad.

Frantic to hide the truth from his wife and the hospital authorities, David is forced to invent not one but two non-existent husbands for Nurse Tate and to enlist the help of his hapless colleagues.

Events are further complicated by the presence of a police sergeant, a wandering senile patient, the aforementioned assortment of matrons, a syringe full of tranquilliser and costumes from the hospital pantomime.

Judith Coates, who plays Matron, spent 43 years in the health service in various positions from nurse to health visitor and always aspired to the role of matron.

She says that she is relishing 
this opportunity to be “the real deal”.

Hope Amateur Dramatic Independent Theatre (HADIT) will be on stage at the Methodist Hall, Edale Road, Hope for four nights from tomorrow, Wednesday July 10.

Tickets, with refreshments included, are £5 on Wednesday and £7 from Thursday to Saturday.

They are available from Hope Post Office or by phone on 01433 620665.