High Antics and Piles of Wit at Fringe

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The Antics improv comedy troupe from Sheffield are having great fun with their Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, A Pile of Wit.

The Antics, who are all students or graduates of Hallam University, are at the Fringe for the third year running. They were pleased with their first shows this year, which take the story of one audience member and make it the basis for their whole improvised comedy performance.

The Antics comedy improv troupe from Sheffield

The Antics comedy improv troupe from Sheffield

Jonny Syer, who studied chemistry at the Hallam, and Brad McAnearney, whose degree was in psychology and criminology, took a break from dishing out 500 flyers a day on the streets to tempt in the crowds to say how their show was going. The group of six performers and a technician stay together in a flat in the city, existing on a diet of Subway sandwiches and cold beers, all for the chance to make people laugh.

Brad said: “It’s less serious than psychology and it’s a lot of fun. I prefer improv to scripted stuff, where if you get a word wrong it’s a problem. With improv, you can’t get it wrong. It’s easier than learning lines, as long as you say something!”

Jonny said: “I said something in our first show here and got nothing back from the audience.

“You just shrug your shoulders and people laugh at the fact that you’ve messed up.” Back in Sheffield, Antics have a monthly residency at the Hallam students’ union and perform at a range of venues including the Lantern Theatre in Nether Edge.

A Pile of Wit is at the Caquila (Fringe venue 21) at Roman Eagle Lodge in Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh at 5.45pm daily until Saturday (August 10). Tickets: 0845 260 1234 or go to www.cthefestival.com