Family Review: Clocked ticked down in style

Chesterfield Pomeranite theatre show review. Rowan, Levie, Amanda and Carl Yellott-Bilby.
Chesterfield Pomeranite theatre show review. Rowan, Levie, Amanda and Carl Yellott-Bilby.
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In our latest family review, the Yellott-Bilby family from Charnock, Sheffield went to see Andy and Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine, featuring Andy Wild from CBeebies show Andy’s Wild Adventures, at the Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield.

This is what they thought.

Rowan’s review (aged 6)

We went to Andy and Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine show and it was funny. My favourite part was when Andy thought that Mike had trumped, but he hadn’t as it was the noise of a button.

I also enjoyed it when Andy sprayed a love potion on to Mike by mistake and he wanted to marry Andy. Mike chased him around and Andy gave the potion to a girl in the audience and Mike loved her instead.

Andy took the love potion off the girl and took Mike back on to the stage and sprayed him with ‘Not in-love potion’ to change him back.

Andy and Mike went back in time and met a knight and the Knight went to find a Damsel to save and when he came back, Andy had found one. The Damsel wasn’t very handsome as it was a Daddy from the audience dressed in a wig with a tutu. Then the knight didn’t like the Damsel, but Andy sprayed him with the love potion and the Knight saved the Damsel. It was so funny it made me laugh.

I didn’t like the Robot part, because it was boring. I think everyone should enjoy the show.

Lexie’s review (aged 34 months) “I enjoyed that”, “I like Andy and Mike”, “I want to go again”.

She stayed awake for the whole show despite looking like she was tired. That’s the first time she has managed to stay awake to something like this.

She laughed when Mike was chasing Andy and making kissing noises. She also laughed when Mike was doing a silly loud dance to a game of rock, paper and scissors. Mike did it for so long he tired himself out from it and couldn’t talk properly afterwards!

Mum Amanda’s review

The show was great fun for both kids and adults, I was laughing just as much as the kids. The show was very interactive, getting all the audience to join in with the dancing and singing. Some even got to be a part of the show including one Dad who was plucked from the audience to play ‘Brave Dave’. The poor fellow was dressed in a wig, moustache and a pink tutu. But all credit to him, as he really got into the swing of things and joined in with the daft fun.

Andy and Mike are great family entertainers, providing a high-energy show that connects well with kids. After the show, Andy and Mike came out to meet and greet the kids. We waited patiently and were rewarded with a sticker, personal autographs for the kids and a photo of the kids taken with Andy and Mike.

Other comments

My two-year-old spent most of the time before the show pointing at all the posters of the show, shouting “Andy”, so I knew she was going to like the show. Both daughters really enjoyed the bit where Mike was chasing Andy as he thought he was in love with him after being sprayed with love portion.

My oldest was laughing throughout the show, but did find the robot in the future to be a bit boring. Both me and my husband did think that the joke was too old for the kids that the show is aimed at and a bit lame for the adults to be laughing at it. Try explaining Lemsip and Night Nurse to a six-year-old!

Andy and Mike were really good entertainers, ad libbing in parts and were great with the heckling children including the little girl who couldn’t believe that it was Andy from CBeebies on the stage.

The kids really enjoyed the show as they both would really like to see it again. The next day they were re-enacting scenes including old Andy with a walking stick and Andy being chased by Mike. I feel sorry for Mike though, as my two-year-old can’t remember his name and says “Andy and… I can’t remember”.

Andy and Mike are trying to get the show on the TV and would like people to write to CBeebies to ask for the show to be on the TV.