Antigone, Sheffield University Drama Studio

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The story of Antigone is of a young princess who defies her uncle, the King, and faces the threat of execution to bury her disgraced brother.

She must then enter an emotional and intellectual battle with the king and the rest of her family in order to meet her fate.

Many of the ideas behind Antigone are extremely relevant today - timeless, even.

Crimes committed out of compassion and political scandal. To do what one thinks is right, or ‘what one can’, regardless of the cost is an issue a lot of people will probably recognise and perhaps possibly relate to. This version is set in Britain in the 1940s, when the adaptation was written by Jean Anouilh.

The company wanted something that resembled the classic tragedy but which was also familiar, and the war backdrop serves as excellent context.

The character of Antigone comes across as self-willed and obstinate, but she clearly has great love and affection for her family and friends, though her principles matter far more to her.

She is backed by a diverse and talented supporting cast. The company performs three plays a year in February, June and October at the University Drama Studio.

Antigone, Sheffield University Drama Studio. From October 8 to October 11 at 7.30pm.

Ticketline: Tel. 01226930435 The Company Sheffield