...and acting mothers have cot it covered

Lantern visitors Zoo Indigo
Lantern visitors Zoo Indigo
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IN any other business, clever ladies Rosie Garton and IIdikko Rippel might well have the authorities examining their mothering policy.

The two women are Zoo Indigo, a theatre company that allows them to take their babies on tour so they can perform while the audience babysits.

How this works out will be revealed when their interactive performance opens the first professional season at Sheffield’s Lantern Theatre tomorrow night.

“In Under The Covers the two performers ask the audience to babysit their sleeping children via a live Skype link so they can get on with the show,” explains Rosie, who co-devised the idea after she and Iidikko became mums in 2009.

The production combines autobiography and technology as the duo attempt to re-enact their favourite movie star roles, including Thelma and Louise.

This is all with help from two cardboard cutouts of their children’s fathers, known as ‘flat pack daddies’.

“They are trying to become their movie heroines, plotting the ultimate escape route, but the day-to-dayness of motherhood keeps interrupting their attempts,” says Rosie.

“The show takes a playful look at finding the right life/work balance on a funny and moving journey of discovery through friendship, motherhood, work and loss.”

Tickets at £9.50 available from 0114 2551776 or www.lanterntheatre.org.uk