8 out of 10 comedians are lazier than TV funnyman Jimmy

Jimmy Carr
Jimmy Carr
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Jimmy Carr, Winding 
Wheel, Chesterfield

The man with one of the scariest laughs ever (and a pretty terrifying publicity image, as you can see) is back in this area with his Funny Business Tour.

His publicity says he has been described as “the hardest-working man in comedy”, which is why he must have had to salt all that money away in a tax haven.

He’s certainly been to Sheffield a few times recently, he was in 
Buxton last week and tomorrow he’s dropping in to see the crooked spire.

As well as a live tour that’s been going since April, Jimmy’s still hosting the Channel 4 comedy quiz show 
8 Out Of 10 Cats and has had a long list of TV and radio presenting jobs over the past few years.

So I guess that his PR people may have a point, although they do point out: “Let’s face facts, it is not that impressive.

“It’s like being the ‘Tallest Dwarf’ or the ‘Healthiest Glaswegian’. Really not that big a deal.”

Bearing in mind that his comedy is not for the easily offended, Carr’s website advises: “Come for the witty and incisive musings on the human condition. Stay for the knob gags.”

He’s also well known for spending a lot of time in his shows delighting in offending members of the audience. Which is always a laugh if you’re not the one being picked on.

Apparently in the flesh he is just the opposite, a jolly nice chap, who showed it at Buxton by meeting audience members after the show.

Online booking for the show is closed but there are a limited amount of tickets available by calling the box office on 01246 345 222.