Yorkshire drivers show off their dream machines

Moor Motor Show . Pictured at the Moor Vintage Car  Motor Show  are...Stephen Mayers with his  1981 Cheverlot Corvette.
Moor Motor Show . Pictured at the Moor Vintage Car Motor Show are...Stephen Mayers with his 1981 Cheverlot Corvette.
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ALMOST everything about Steve Mayers’ Chevrolet Corvette screams excess - except the insurance.

Built in 1981, the ultimate muscle car has an enormous bonnet housing a 5.7 litre engine, is allegedly capable of 195mph and does just 10 miles to the gallon, fewer if he puts his foot down. It also weighs two tonnes.

But Steve, aged 50 of Stannington, says his 1.2 litre Vauxhall Corsa is more expensive to insure.

Bought nine years ago for £32,000 and following a £4,000 restoration, he was showing the Corvette off in all its low slung glory at the Classic Car Event on The Moor in Sheffield.

He said: “I have always had American cars, I love driving them and the insurers know that despite its capabilities I drive it carefully. I’d take it to the track to test its speed - but the petrol would be too expensive.”

The monster was just one of dozens of cars at the annual gathering.

Graham Butler, aged 68, of Chesterfield, was showing his 1947 Series E Morris 8, the car that helped him find love. Three years ago he was showing it on The Moor when he met, and clicked, with Christina Sampson of Greenhill.

It wasn’t until later she realised just how well. She spent the next year visiting classic car shows until she met him again in Graves Park and they’ve been together since.

But it almost never happened, because for a long time Graham avoided Sheffield and headed to Lincolnshire because the roads are better.

He said: “Just driving here today, the roads are so bad!”

Tony Maples’ 1947 Triumph Roadster - the ‘Bergerac’ car - might have been from the same year as the Morris 8, but its styling is years ahead.

His gunmetal two-seater - plus two dickie seats - is all curves and chrome, leather and mahogany and was expensive for the time, costing £750.

It is also rich in history. Tony says it is made from aluminium from Mosquito aeroplanes broken up after the war.

He said: “I bought it nine years ago, it’s spent most of its life on Jersey. It enjoys a lot of attention and it’s taken a few firsts in competition.

“Cars have always been my hobby, I get pleasure from people asking me questions about it.”

John Seedhouse’s Spartan is a kit car built 50 years ago. John bought it for £500 and spent £2,000 restoring it.

But his wife isn’t keen on the car.

John, of Gleadless Common, said: “She’s a rattly old tub and my wife won’t get in it with the roof down.

“It’s noisy and everyone looks at you when you’re driving.”

Other delights were seven Minis spanning the ages and an original 1968 Fiat 500f which was for sale for £6,750, only £2,000 less than the new version.