World War II code-breakers to be subject of talk in Rotherham tonight

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A talk about the Allied code-breakers during World War II is to be given at the Civic Theatre in Rotherham tonight.

The code-breakers deciphered a vast number of German secret messages and used the intelligence to help the Allied forces to victory.

The Germans had entrusted their secret communications to machine called the Enigma, but Allied experts managed to decipher the codes.

An expert in the field, Dr Mark Baldwin, has made a detailed study of the Enigma machine and the code-breaking work carried out during the war.

He will talk about his research and hold and question and answer session at the end.

There will also be an opportunity to get involved with a hands-on demonstration of one of the few surviving Enigma machines.

Only around 300 Enigma machines are known to have survived worldwide, with only about a dozen in public collections in Britain.

Dr Baldwin is one of Britain’s most experienced speakers on the Enigma machine and the work of the code-breakers.

The talk takes place at 7.30pm tonight.

To book tickets, which cost £16, visit or call 01709 823621.