Who sets their alarm for 6.53am?

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ACCORDING to a new survey the average Sheffielder gets up at 6.53am every morning, as reported in Saturday’s Star.

Two things weird about that, surely? First of all why would anyone commission a survey to find out when we all leave our pits? And secondly, can 6.53am really be right? Doesn’t everyone always wait, as Peter Kay noted, until the clock ticks on until the next 5 or 0?

Deleted patience

AND while we’re on strange surveys, another bizarre one has landed in my inbox.

Apparently, Sheffielders have a patience limit of 2.5 minutes. After that we start getting annoyed and are likely to complain about bad service. Don’t ask me who commissioned the ‘research’, though. My patience ran out with the pointlessness of the survey about 0.25 minutes after I started reading it. Delete.

Twenty’s plenty

COULDN’T agree more with proposals, as reported in The Star, to introduce 20 mph limits around schools in Sheffield.

The only thing that confuses me is why these plans are so often referred to as controversial.They’re not. The only excuse for wanting to drive more than 20 outside a place where children are constantly coming and going is being a total idiot.

Question of sort

PRIME Minister’s Questions is 50 years old this week and – for sheer entertainment it’s definitely one of the best things on TV.

I still have fond memories of watching Rotherham lad William Hague regularly tear shreds off Tony Blair. Nothing to do with my political allegiances – just superb banter.

But the line that still makes me chuckle most was hearing Hague ripping then deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman apart for wearing a stab vest while touring her constituency.

“She had to explain she dresses in accordance with wherever she goes,” he mocked. “She wears a helmet to a building site, she wears Indian clothes to Indian parts of her constituency. Presumably when she goes to Cabinet meetings she dresses as a clown.”