‘We’ll rock the city to its foundations’

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The Jim Jones Revue mean business this weekend.

The hugely visceral, gritty rock and roll band will play Tramlines on the Main Stage on Sunday.

Co-founder Ruper Orton said: “The Jim Jones Revue are looking forward to playing Tramlines and will rock Sheffield down to its foundations.”

His intent is reflected in the band’s latest album, Savage Heart - a loud, thumping, rhythmical beast that reminds us why we love rock and roll.

If the band’s set is anything like the album, we’re in for a good night.

Savage Heart tears into opener It’s Gotta Be About Me with a distorted guitar riff that’s underpinned by throbbing boogie woogie piano and screaming vocals.

It’s pure sonic debauchery.

But this is absolutely intentional. The band - well into their forties - are miners of rock and roll’s purest stock. Their references evade today’s processed pop and revert instead to rock and roll’s ancestors, such as Little Richard, bluesman T Model Ford and Honey Boy Edwards.

“For us Little Richard is the gunpowder that went into the bullet, ” says co-founder and vocalist Jim Jones. “He was the catalyst. That was the great thing about him.”

“But not everyone can hear what it’s about, ” says Jones. “Other people listen to it and hear it the right way.”

But Jim Jones Revue isn’t just harnessing sounds that Little Richard and his contemporaries blasted, they’re out to celebrate the fire that rock and roll, blues and gospel has been lighting for almost a century.

“The torches that Little Richard lit were later lit again by the likes of the Stooges and MC5 and then with Motorhead and AC/DC.

“Rather than slavishly observing what these bands have done we’re trying to carry the torch that expresses that energy.”