Violinist Alex impresses judges on television talent show

Alex Parker
Alex Parker
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DONCASTER already knew it. But now judges on the hit television show Britain’s Got Talent are in on the secret too.

David Hasselhoff, Amanda Holden and Michael McIntyre were united in agreement that pretty violin expert Alex Parker really does have talent.

Alex, the musician who became Doncaster’s first licensed busker as a teenager, wowed the star names when she appeared before them - but alas she missed out on the final cut for the live semi-finals of the show.

The 22-year-old dressed up in leather to perform during her second phase of auditioning at Manchester Opera House and understands her efforts will be broadcast on the show on Saturday night.

Although all three judges said they would like to pass her to the next phase of the show, she was dropped when the producers whittled the numbers down. She was told she had made the final 200, out of 40,000 who initially applied.

She said: “I was so nervous - I’d never been more nervous before I go on to perform.

“I wore my leather outfit and as soon as I walked on Michael McIntyre joked ‘you’re through’! I played for them, and they were all really pleased, and each of them said ‘yes’ to putting me through.”

She went on to a further interview, but missed out on the final selection.

It was the latest stage in the auditioning for Alex, who had queued for eight hours at the GMEX centre in Manchester for her first audition in October. She played Gypsy Rhapsody by Bond.

She said: “I just thought ‘It’s an entertainment show, not a talent competition, whatever happens, happens’. My plan was to take it as an experience, meet all sorts of people and just have fun with it - and I certainly did that.

“While back stage I chatted with Stephen Mulhern away from the cameras. He is such a nice guy, and so funny. Then I was taken to be fitted up with microphones and a wireless kit before being filmed with Ant and Dec. I’m going to be honest, I don’t ever think I’ve ever been that nervous before doing a show. My legs were visibly shaking.

“I walked out on to stage - but as I did so one of my feet started coming out of one of my shoes, trying to put it back on discreetly as I walked. As I stood there I looked out at the audience and the judges - the atmosphere is so overwhelming.

“I had such a fun audition, and I had a good bit of banter with the judges but was honestly quite disappointed with the sound and I know I could have played better, and my legs were shaking so much that I couldn’t really dance - but then I am a perfectionist.”

As a bonus, Alex met and went out on a number of dates with a cage fighter who was doing security for one of the groups taking part in the competition, Ben Smith. But they are no longer dating as he lives in Essex, which she feels is to far from her Belton home.

Alex is now back to her usual concerts, with her next show on Saturday, a charity show in aid of Troops Relief at The Regency Ballroom in Ashfield, Nottingham.

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