VIDEO - Funny Business is a smashing success for charity

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A group of nervous business professionals were praying the joke wouldn’t be on them, when they took to the stage at Sheffield City Hall last week for a night of charity stand-up.

Policewomen, chief executives and managing directors were among the group who readily thrust themselves into the spotlight for the night, to raise funds for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity.

Speaking the morning of the event, David Grey, managing director of OSL Group, told The Star: “I’m so nervous, the closer it gets the worse it is.

“I started planning my ten minute routine months ago when I found out I was going to be doing it and, in some ways, having so much time is harder. The problem is that you go full circle with things until you no longer think they’re funny and you throw the ideas away and start again.

“I have lots of family and friends there tonight so I’m just going to cross my fingers that they’re feeling supportive and I’m not going to get heckled!”

The Funny Business event was organised by Sheffield Chamber of Commerce & Industry and this is the second year it has been held in the city.

As part of the event, each of the nine participants received training from Sheffield comic pro Alfie Moore, before they took to the stage infront of a daunting crowd of 600 for ten minutes each.

Jacqui Copley, managing director of Elite Swim, said: “The closer it got, the more scared I was. I’d done amateur dramatics before so when a friend asked me to take part I thought it would be fun – I must have been mad.

“It’s a scary idea but for such a good cause, of course, so I couldn’t say no.”

Ch Supt Rachel Barber and Ch Insp Caroline Rollitt, from South Yorkshire Police, formed the only comedy duo on the night.

Rachel told The Star: “We decided to take part after we did - what we thought was - a serious talk to a womens’ group and somebody said we’d be perfect it, I’m not really how we should take that to be honest!

“I’m just pleased we got to do it together - there’s definitely safety in numbers.”