TV spin-off worth leaving home for

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APPARENTLY, Sheffield is going Inbetweeners crazy.

This is the new summer blockbuster charting the adventures of four suburban teenagers searching for sex and booze on a post A-Levels holiday, a kind of British Pie if you will.

Staff at the Arundel Gate Odeon were telling this column it’s already set to be their most popular film of the year with hundreds of youngsters flocking to see it

What’s perhaps more surprising, however, is they also reckon it’s been a big hit with, ahem, more mature movie-goers too...

Now, I’m not saying you should stop enjoying the odd blue joke once you turn 25 but this, remember, is a TV spin-off - I’m simply surprised anyone in a generation which remembers the abominations that were the feature-length On The Buses, Are You Being Served or even Ali G would ever go and see a cinema sitcom again.

MAY I recommend, instead, Super 8 - also showing at the Odeon?

It’s got a plot with more holes than Gary Megson’s defence and an alien as hideous as a Chris Morgan bearing down on you.

But, mainly, this Steven Spielberg produced film is a gorgeous 70s nostalgia fest - complete with characters struggling with walkmans, talk of Russian invasions and bedrooms filled with Star Wars posters.

Part Goonies, part Stand By Me and part Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, you might say they don’t make movies like it any more. Except they just have done. It is - how did they use to say it? - mint.

NOT often you ask a bloke how his daughter’s doing and get told: “She’s a playboy bunny now”.

Step forward Kevan Johnson, the semi-legendary owner of Sheffield’s legendary Limit nightclub.

Offspring Holly, who previously featured on this page as part of her pop band Miss Millionaire, has taken a temporary job as a waitress at London’s equally famous Playboy Club.

“She’s earning a packet while the band continues to take off,” says Kevan.

Certainly, no-one could argue she isn’t a looker.

“Aye,” says Kevan. “She takes after her dad.”