Tuck into this city Food Plan

FOOD, glorious food! Sheffield is setting out on a road to become a city where healthy meal options should become first choice for thousands of residents.

For the city council is launching a far-reaching Food Plan which will aim to revolutionise the way many people think about food - and how they go about putting healthy meals on the table.

In total, the city's food and drink economy is worth a staggering 1 billion.

But even more astonishingly, it is also related to hundreds of premature deaths. For they are people whose lives are ended too early because of ailments brought on by poor diets.

That is why the city council sees it as its duty to introduce this plan, which will deal with everything from encouraging us to buy from local producers to providing more allotments to allow people to dig in and grow their own produce.

This follows on from last year's inaugural Food Festival, which is to be repeated this summer, celebrating local food producers and chefs and helping to concentrate local people's attention on the meals they produce.

The council can only take this initiative so far. Therefore, we urge readers to pay attention to initiatives which will be broadcast in the near future. And enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet.

Well on way to our 1 million target

WHAT a great achievement. With your help, we are now well on our way to hitting the 1 million target for a new ward at the Northern General Hospital where young cystic fibrosis patients can undergo treatment.

Almost exclusively, they are young but have been placed on wards with predominantly elderly patients.

That's why we joined forces with Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust to raise a cool million pounds for a purpose built ward where young patients can be treated in more suitable surroundings during their lengthy stays in hospital.

We are now past the 700,000 mark and have been bowled over by the support the appeal has received. Now we want readers to make one final effort to get the appeal to its ultimate target - and create a ward where cystic fibrosis sufferers can feel at home.

Still at forefront

THE financial crisis which rocked economies around the world is still paying its price, according to accountants and business advisers PwC, who say industry should begin to target emerging economies rather than stick to its US and Western European comfort zones. This is good advice which will find enthusiastic supporters in Sheffield. We have always been at the forefront of seeking out new markets and we are sure this tip will be taken to heart here in South Yorkshire.

Got a view? Leave a comment below.

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