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A SMALL caveat to today’s main feature first of all, and this column has a friend who reckons there are only three valid reasons for supporting a football club.

One, it’s the closest team to where you were born; two, it’s the closest team to where you currently live; or three, it’s the team your dad supports.

Another friend disagrees. He’s followed Crystal Palace since the age of eight because it was the first ever Subbuteo team he was bought.

ROTHERHAM is a dump.This is the only conclusion you can draw if you visit the town by train.

The station is currently a total eyesore, littered with scaffolding, boarding, half completed work and other construction paraphernalia. So, it was nice of transport bosses to apologise last week for the year-long delay to improvements which has caused this sorry state of affairs. But a simple apology doesn’t really cut it, does it?

A train station is the first impression visitors have of a town - and at the moment that impression is going to be, well, Rotherham is a dump. So, while we know that’s not true, those arriving won’t be so forgiving.

“It’s taken longer than we want,” David Young, of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, told The Star.

No kidding. What he didn’t say, though, was why? And what’s going to be done to stop cock-ups like this happening in the future?

INTERESTING investigation by this here newspaper about the effectiveness of speed cameras last week. It seems, far from reducing accidents, collisions have actually increased in some South Yorkshire locations where the monitors have been installed. Why or how that is, is something that needs looking into in more detail.

But for now I was as confused as ever to hear the old chestnut - this time advocated by Rob Prior of Sheffield Motorists Forum - that speed cameras are there to simply make money.

You only get fined if you’re breaking the law and speeding. If you don’t want to pay up, don’t be a teenage-boy-for-brains, and start going a shade slower. Simples.