Threatened tigers to find new home here

A POPULAR South Yorkshire visitor attraction is set to help save an endangered species of tiger after it made a pledge to breed the big cats.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Branton, Doncaster, is joining a Europe-wide campaign to preserve the endangered Siberian Tiger - a species which is critically endangered. It is believed there are fewer than 450 of the species still surviving in the world.

It will take delivery of two pairs of the animals, described as the largest big cats in the world, in the spring. Work is now starting on accommodation for the tigers, which will be brought to Doncaster from zoos across Europe.

Park boss Cheryl Williams said: "They are definitely coming, but we don't know where they will be coming from yet.

"This is part of a conservation programme. We are hoping they will be a compatible pair, and that in the future they will be able to breed."

Life saving move: Endangered Siberian Tigers are set to arrive at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster this Spring

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