This tree is blocking education, says mum

A MUM claims her daughter is missing out on valuable educational TV programmes - after the council stopped her putting up a satellite dish.

Sheffield Council told Sherri Jones, aged 29, she wasn't allowed to cut branches from a tree in front of her house on Shirehall Road, Shiregreen, in order to put up the Sky dish.

But Sherri said: "The tree is massive and blocks all the front of the house.

"We have to turn the lights on at 2pm because it blocks out all the light."

Sherri's daughter Ellie, seven, who attends to St Mary's School in High Green, says she was told by teachers to watch educational programmes on The History Channel to accompany her schoolwork.

"She has been doing a lot of work on the Tudors and she has been told these programmes will help her out," Sherri said.

"All her friends are talking about these shows in class and she is missing out."

Sherri contacted the council last October to ask if they could cut off some branches, and says she was initially told somebody would help her.

She has now been informed nothing can be done.

But Sherri fumed: "The council cuts trees down all the time for new car parks and new buildings.

"All I want is a couple of branches cutting off for my daughter to be able to watch these programmes.

"I'm worried as well because it's a really old and big tree, and if there was a big storm it would come straight through my front door."

Nick Hetherington, the council's head of Streetscene, told The Star: "There are over 35,000 highway trees in the city, so we have to prioritise the work carried out.

"We will go to inspect this tree in the next few days to check if there's any work required to maintain the tree in a healthy condition.

"If any work is required, we'll see how this could improve the situation for Mrs Jones."

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