The truth is out there – those UFOs were Chinese lanterns at a wedding

MORE evidence today emerged that the bright lights hovering over Meadowhall last weekend were nothing to worry about.

The lights - which sparked theories of a UFO invasion - were spotted by hundreds of people on Saturday night.

But no one - including police - could explain what they were.

Now Sylvia Critchlow, aged 63, of Bluebell Close, Wincobank, has revealed the lights had nothing to do with aliens - she believes the cause of the panic was her daughter's wedding reception.

Sylvia said after her daughter Karen, 38, said "I do" to 37-year-old Paul Jones at Sheffield Town Hall they and around 50 guests travelled to the Shiregreen Arms in Shiregreen for their wedding reception.

Part of the celebrations saw happy couple Karen, a school teacher, and postman Paul release 50 Chinese floating lanterns.

Sylvia said the lanterns quickly floated off towards Meadowhall.

"The lights that were spotted had to be the lanterns," said Sylvia.

"I had never seen them before and it was a smashing surprise when they were released.

"It was an even bigger surprise when I read in The Star about all the fuss they had caused."

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