The Star is much more than just a newspaper

Launch of Star Walk at Hillsborough Sports Arena with Sheffield's Women of Steel with the Women of Steel Statue LtoR. Kathleen Roberts,Kitty Sollitt,Ruby Gascoigne,Dorothy Slingsby
Launch of Star Walk at Hillsborough Sports Arena with Sheffield's Women of Steel with the Women of Steel Statue LtoR. Kathleen Roberts,Kitty Sollitt,Ruby Gascoigne,Dorothy Slingsby
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The Star aims to bring its readers the most important news from around the region – both in print and online.

We produce a newspaper six days a week, and stories are published online 24-7 via our website, Facebook page and on Twitter.

However, we are far more than just an outlet reporting the news that matters to you.

The Star also works hard to make a difference to its communities and readers.

The paper is supporting the Women of Steel appeal to help raise £150,000 for a statue to honour the women who manned the steel mills in two world wars.

We helped to co-ordinate a huge rock and pop fundraising gig at the City Hall last year, as well as a concert at the Sheffield Crucible Studio featuring internationally renowned classical Ensemble 360 last week.

A Women Of Steel Folk Concert at Sheffield Cathedral, featuring award winning names including Martin Simpson, Fay Heild; John Tams; Barry Coope; Julie Matthews, Chris While; Roy Bailey; Ray Hearne, Nat Johnson and more is expected to be the final fundraiser on Wednesday, November 26.

And we are confident the appeal will deliver an excellent Christmas present to the Women of Steel by reaching its target before the end of the year.

Dozens of in-need dogs have been given a second chance thanks to The Star and its big hearted readers.

We launched our Give a Dog a Home campaign with RSPCA Sheffield, to alert readers to the high number of dogs sniffing-out new homes.

Each week The Star tells the story of a cute canine in need of a home, helping to raise awareness of the support the RSPCA needs.

Over the past months, there have been many ‘tails of success’ – with more than 30 dogs rehomed after being featured in The Star.

Our readers also helped to smash the fundraising target for an appeal that will make things better for poorly children in Sheffield.

We called on readers to help raise £25,000 as part of Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s Charity’s Make It Better appeal and scores of people threw their weight behind the campaign – a day of mass fundraising for June’s Make It Better Day raised more than £49,000, doubling the target.

Supporting our war veterans and remembering those heroes who sacrificed their lives is a topic The Star takes great pride in.

In May, we helped give George Thompson the send-off he deserved after he died with no close family and few surviving friends.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral after The Star called for people to come forward and give George, who died at the age of 96, a fitting send-off.

We also helped raise cash needed to fund a permanent memorial to the veteran.

And the shattered grave of World War One hero Alfred Broughton is to be restored thanks to readers.

Hours after The Star highlighted the dilapidated state of his last resting place in Darnall Cemetery, our readers were mobilising, pledging money and help.

Our Action Desk is all about helping our readers trying to sort problems with scammers, faceless big business, local authorities or shops big and small.

Not one to rest on our laurels, we have just launched Star Aid – a platform to highlight the great work of our local charities, the support the need and how you can help.

However, we want to do more – and that is where we are asking for YOUR help.

What can we do better? What should we do more of?

Join our readers panel and help shape the future of your Star.

Our panel provide us with feedback to help ensure future development of the newspaper is relevant to you.

Being a panellist involves completing online surveys asking for your opinions on various topics relating to The Star. You only need to participate when it suits you and for every survey you take part in, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win shopping vouchers.

To sign up, visit www.the